Gyre Outdoor Rug

Gyre Outdoor Rug

An intricate coiled construction specifically manufactured for the sundeck and lounge space of a super yatch project in Southern Europe.
An elegant design which we’ve added to our Verandah Collection product selection.
For that stylish pool deck, patio or verandah.

Standard and bespoke sizes available.
Available in our standard yarn colourways.

Please pop us a mail for further enquiries.

Private Residence, Fresnaye, Cape Town


Rug Cleaning & Restorations


We’re just taking a bit of time to give some well deserved love to our cleaning and restoartion studio.

Hand woven rugs are more than just a home accessory that add colour and dynamism to your room, they are family heirlooms that can rise in value if they are properly maintained.  We boast a fully trained rug maintenance studio that provides a complete range of cleaning, repair and maintenance services.

Our team have been repairing rugs for more than 30 years. We have been facilitating the repair of all types of precious and antique rugs and kilims. We are committed to providing the highest standard of craftsmanship and customer service to all of our clients no matter the size, shape or value of your rug.

We are also determined to help you know the best manner of caring for your rug so that you can avoid any damage to your rug over time. If your rug looks great now, we want it to keep its vivid colours and patterns for years to come. We have a reputation for providing superior rug repair services that can rectify any minor issues with your rug.

Before we repair any rug, we undertake a thorough analysis and inspection of the rug so that we can provide a tailored treatment. We always provide clear and detailed information about the processes that we are going to follow.

We find that most customers have their rugs damaged because of improper vacuuming, pets pulling the fringes, lack of cleaning, sun damage, foot traffic and moths. Whether your rug has been damaged by a heavy piece of furniture, your family pooch, mildew or moths, we use expert techniques that we are sure will meet your high expectations.

We have mastered the art of repairing rug fringes, as this is normally the first part of Oriental rugs that is damaged.

How Do You Know It’s Time for Professional Repair Services?

Minor damage to your rug will often become a major problem if it’s left unattended, so you shouldn’t wait to get repairs for your rugs. Here are some signs your carpet could need repair.

  • Stains: Some stains can become large over time, and they’re often hard to remove on your own.
  • Wear: Your rug could have thin spots, fraying, or holes.
  • Bad smells: Excess moisture can lead to mold and mildew, creating unpleasant musty odours in your home. You’ll need to have your rug cleaned as soon as possible to keep the smell from spreading.
  • Allergies or asthma: Mold, dirt, dust, and other contaminants in your rugs can cause allergy or asthma symptoms such as sneezing, runny noses, sore throats, coughing, rashes, or eye irritation.
  • Old padding: The padding under your rug can become flattened, uneven, or wrinkled over time.

An old rug: Most rugs last for about 10 years. After that, you may need to get fading, wear, or other problems repaired.

We hope you found this useful & remember our cleaning service collections are also free of charge, no matter how big or small.

Textures of our Karoo Berber Flatweaves

Textures are our speciality here at Fibre Designs. So we thought we would share a little texture love on our blog. Our all time favorite being our localy manufactured Karoo Berber Flatweave.

A few Fibre Designs’ facts about our Karoo Berber Flatweaves which we are ceratin you are not in the know:

  • Berber wool comes from the Karoo sheep’s fleece
  • The rugs are hand woven and not woven by machine
  • The rugs are manufactured in the heart of the Karoo
  • Berber Karoo wool is textured and strong
  • Karoo wool is vibrant when dyed
  • Berber rugs are also fire resistant, which makes them ideal for placement near fireplaces
  • The strength of the wool makes them ideal for use in a living room or dining room, where there might be spills.
  • If your rug becomes a little grubby, please don’t fret, our Karoo Berber flatweave rugs can be cleaned and washed at home.
  • They are flatweaves which make them reversible. One side looking a little grubby, simply flip it over.

Remember that, just like us, our furry four-legged friends are gaga over natural fibre. Keep your pets well trained around you Karroo Berber rugs.

If you still can’t decide which neaural colourwau to add to your space, pay us a visit at the Fibre Designs studio and experience the difference first-hand (or foot if you prefer).









Misty Cliffs weekend retreat

When the mist rolls around Mist Cliffs, its evident how it got its name. “Home feel like a nature reserve”, says the owner of their weekend retreat which is situated in a conservation village just 45 minutes outside of the Mother City, Cape Town. Their double deck is tucked into a green oasis, and splashed with blue accents by way of pool and outdoor furniture.

They are soaking up the sun on a deck that is tucked neatly into a pristine patch of the Cape’s indigineous fynbos vegiation. This split level balau perch is suspended from a cliff fave almost hovering above the Atlantic ocean beyond.

The top deck’s Paulo Lenti furnite and Fibre Designs outdoor rug refect the colour of the ocean and foliage.

We are super chuffed to see our hand-braided, all weather rug from the Verandah Collection spotlighted as the editor’s pick in House & Leisure magazine.

For the full aritcle in House & Leisures online version, please see the link below:

Cheetah Plains Lodge awarded Best Luxury Bush Villa


The Cheetah Plains Lodge has been awarded Best Luxury Bush Villa in the world at the 13th Annual World Luxury Hotel Awards.

In South African architectural and interior design news ARRCC where proud to announce that their Cheetah Plains project was awarded Best Luxury Bush Villa in the world at the 13th Annual World Luxury Hotel Awards in Finland last weekend.

The World Luxury Hotel Awards is the pinnacle of achievement in the luxury hotel industry offering international recognition as voted by guests, travelers and industry players alike.

Combining state‐of‐the‐art sustainable architecture with a pioneering aesthetic, Cheetah Plains contrasts confident contemporary inorganic forms with the natural landscape, creating something quite beautiful.

Fibre Designs are very proud at being one of the main suppliers of the neutral toned rugs throughout the three Plains Houses. Our Mohair Collection rugs and Berber Flat rugs being the textiles placed within the open plan rooms and spaces.

Congratulations on your well deserved award ARRCC, and for turning this amazing vision into a reality.

Cheetah Palins, Sabi Sand Game Reserve, Kruger National Park

Cheetah Palins, Sabi Sand Game Reserve, Kruger National Park

Montage Mohair Rug


Fibre Designs presents its Montage Mohair rug, the most recent addition to our bespoke floor-ware collections. Woven from 100% handwoven mohair yarn the jewel toned flat weave is reminiscent of the Art Deco era and takes inspiration from Ted Baker’s Pazima Mosaic rug.

Incorporating a splash of this year’s colour ‘Living Coral’, the rug shows how to incorporate hues that are fashionable without limiting the longevity of the piece.

The construction of the rug is fully artisinal with the spinning, dyeing and weaving all done by hand. The entire process from raw material to the final product takes 4-6 weeks and the rugs are woven up by our weaving campus in the heart of the Karoo.

View the Collection.

Prices are available upon request.



Paul Street East l Shoreditch l London


In the urban garden of the Paul Street East contemporary student living apartments, our Verandah Collection outdoor poufs have been placed in a pretty cushy spot indeed.

The perfect urban home away from home, centrally located within the capital’s trendy Shoreditch district this student living is by far the best in London.

Paul St. East is a new kind of student accommodation in the heart of London’s exciting East End.

Featuring two floors of inspirational social, study and networking spaces, an urban garden and 24/7 fitness facilities. Accommodation ranges from single suites to penthouse apartments.

Oh yes, how we’d love to be a student living in London.

Paul Street East, London

Paul Street East, London

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 10.05.46










New Collection l The Fantasy Collection


Once upon a time in a land far away, there was a little house, in a small village in the realm of Cambridge. The house had a tiny garden, where a dog liked to lay in the sun. From the outside the house looked quite normal, but inside it was very different, inside it was curious indeed.

The house belonged to two artists who loved to make and fix things, and it is there the Fantasy Collection begins. The Persian cowhide is unlike any cowhide you have ever seen. It’s from a very exotic breed of beast that lives in the fantasy world of designers Young & Battaglia.

Fibre Designs are proud stockist of the Mineheart Fantasy Collection in Cape Town. Please pop into our showroom in De Waterkant, we are officially open for the New Year!


persian cowhide grey


Renaissance Cowhide Rug, Artists: Young & Battaglia, 150cm x 165 cm

Gypsy Cowhide (Purple) Artists: Young & Battaglia, 150cm x165 cm

Blue and Brown Persian Cowhide rug, Artists: Young & Battaglia, 150cm x 165 cm





Design Time l Product Design Competition 2016


We have had an exciting year and have indeed had a rather busy one behind the scenes.

In April of this year we partnered up with Design Time School of Interior Design, Pierre’s long standing friends at Madi a Thavha Craft Art and the National Arts Council of South Africa (NAC). The challenge for the creative students : to design a functional piece of art within the strict parameters of available traditional skills and local raw materials of rural Limpopo.

Our very own Pierre (blood, sweat and tears involved) mentored the students and translated the challenges we posed to the 38 first and second year students. The piece to be specifically designed for the national and international markets within the parameters of the available traditional skills and local raw materials of rural Limpopo. All this was to be done to specifically to promote the work of the rural artisans in Limpopo.

We were adamant that students’ designs include a signature of Limpopo’s cultural heritage, an aspect the National Arts Council passionately endorses.

To read the rapidly changing trends in art and interior markets can however be tricky. For rural Limpopo artists, it is bit like guiding the Titanic to dock at a trendy global port every month. With the internet now virtually reaching the remotest villages in Africa we are increasingly in need of translators to explain the practicalities of ‘local-rural’ and ‘global-urban’ to each other.

 Madi a Thavha also restricted students to the size of their designs and by the specific traditional use of material and techniques like beadwork on textile and baskets, traditional open firing of local clay, available twines for weaving and on top of it, were told that eco-friendly and recycling elements will count in their favor.

These were all adding to quite a tough reality check for the creative youngsters.

The students could focus on the following media and techniques:

  • Textile: beadwork, embroidering, fabric dyeing and painting
  • Wood: and woodcarving
  • Clay: traditional firing, using kilns, glazing
  • Grass: weaving
  • Recycling: with various mediums and techniques as mentioned below

The following product groups could be developed:

  • Soft furnishings: cushions, bedroom textiles, table ware, stools
  • Interior (extending to patio under roof) functional art, craft and decorative products: clay and wooden bowls, vases, stools.
  • Woven products: baskets, mats and grass objects
  • Wall art: embroidery, bead work, textile painting, clay, wood.

Our discerning judging panel, Tracey Lee Lynch (, Julian Hartley (The Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester) Greg Truen (SAOTA), Althea Shlessinger (Madi a Thavha) and Pierre Antione had the tough task of marking each and every students design.

The winners were announced at Design Time School of Interior Design’s annual prize giving ceremony in Cape Town at the end of November.

The results where as follows :

  • 1st place – Carla van Rensburg’s Likela light fitting
  • 2nd place – Paula Maytham’s Baobab light fitting
  • 3rd place – Shani Bijleveld’s Raw Ornamental pot

Shortlisted (in no specific order) were:

  • Brenda Kabeya’s Le Tabouret
  • Joe Throssell’s Totem Jo
  • Justine Adair’s Clay Vase
  • Ariana Brogneri’s Synergy Pendant
  • Cherise Minnaar’s The Motherbead

It was a wonderful project to be involved in and we are ever so very proud of each and every Design Time student.

We’re delighted to say that Marcelle Bosch of the NAC and Althea Shlessinger of Madi a Thavha are already hard at work on the prototypes and we can’t wait to see the products evolving. We’ll be sure to keep you posted with images as soon as we have them.



1st place – Carla van Rensburg’s Likela light fitting


2nd place – Paula Maytham’s Baobab light fitting


3rd place – Shani Bijleveld’s Raw Ornamental pot


100% Design I Flashback


Vibrant hues, daring designs & celebrated curated features – here are look at a few highlights from this year’s 100% Design South Africa exhibition which took place earlier on this month.

Fibre Designs’ proudly showcased a few of our Verandah Collection Indoor/Outdoor rugs on the 100% Color stand.

This annual event, which runs alongside Decorex, showcases high-end design featuring both local and international furniture, fabrics and accessories.

We were approached by Cathy O’Clery from Platform Creative Agency to exhibit a few of our Verandah Collection rugs on the 100% Colour stand in association with House & Leisure and Plascon.

Our pieces on display were:

  • Bone Origami Outdoor Lounger (a brand new item from us),
  • Patchwork design rug in the color Graphite
  • Chevron Design in Bone and Black with a red linear motiff
  • Lines design in the colors Teal and Bone

This years show was an exceptional success, a hearty congratulations to everyone involved and we are already looking forward to next year’s show.














House & Garden I August Issue


A little boast from us but hey! We’re just a little bit proud today!

Thanks to Shannon Pittman for the mention in this month’s August issue of Conde Nast House & Garden issue.

Shannon’s favorite contemporary interior design love is rugs, particularly our Verandah Collection. “Not only do these handmade pieces empower local craftswoman, but they are also beautiful and durable” she says.

Thrilled our collection is getting recognition in South Africa as well as the UK and Australia.



Hello there Summer 2016


Summer is upon us!
Picture yourself on a sun lounger next to the pool. There is no reason to move other than to re-position yourself, maybe propping your feet up on a pouf – as cool as a cucumber.

Imagine walking to the poolside, dipping your foot into the water and then on your return feeling your tactile and weather resistant Robala rug under your feet. Envision your favorite drink, whether it be a coca cola or a cocktail, resting on your ottoman an arms-reach away. With our Veranda Collection, this fantasy could become a reality for you, add some sunblock into the mix and voila! What more could you need this summer?

This post was written by Georgia Croesér

A few of our installation images are below to inspire.

20120308fibredesign_veranda-47 copy


20120308fibredesign_veranda-38 2



It’s here! New Collection Launch

Our new collections have taken blood, sweat and tears to bring into our Cape Town showroom. But we are brimming with pride and so blerry happy they are finally home.

We are proud to introduce to you our Moroccan Berber Rugs, the High Atlas Vintage Originals and our Moroccan Reed Mats, the Tuareg Collection.

A few images are below to get the creative juices flowing.




The iconic “Falling Water”, Frank Lloyd Wright















moroccan rug

moroccan_rug_17 moroccan_rug_18   moroccan_rug_21












Layering like a champ

Rugs are a tricky thing. People usually pick them out last but they really need to be picked out first. It’s much harder to match a rug to your paint color than pick out a paint color to compliment your rug. Get it?

Found the perfect rug for your living room but it’s just not the correct size? Layering may just be the answer. It’s also the perfect way to add a little texture, lighter on the pocket, define space,

Just a few pointers from us here to remember when attempting this in your own home:

1. Make sure your base rug is large enough. Remember, in living room front furniture legs sitting on rug, dining room all chairs even when pulled out sitting on the rug.
2. Make sure the layered rug sizes are proportional, you don’t want a huge base rug and then a little rug sitting under the coffee table.
3. Pick rugs that have at least a little contrast in color. You don’t want the same color because then it will look like it is just layered to look like one rug instead of being really intentional.

A few images are below to help inspire…



















Verandah Collection compliments

So, everyone loves a compliment now and again!

Here’s one for our hand braided Verandah Collection Outdoor rugs from a rather content client :

“These rugs are absolutely beautiful! And even more importantly and impressive how they support local communities, teaching people new skills and at the same time producing a first world class product. Wow!

I had bought a polypropylene rug as we live near the beach and have a few dogs. So I needed something that was practical to clean, weather / mould resistant, and beautiful. I’ve been looking for other options that is how I came upon your site.”

A little more info on our Woman’s empowerment project up in Limpopo…enjoy the read & please mail us should you wish to access our site. Strictly for our specials!

Page 2 -Verandah Collection Women's Empowerment project brochure

Get the textured look

Keeping our look fresh but cozy this week, after all it’s not Winter just yet.

A few of our textures which would cozy up this white & grey interior just perfectly. Who needs pattern when you have textures to play with?

Fibre Design’s Wool Structure, Wool Looped and the Berber flat-weave.