Hello there Summer 2016


Summer is upon us!
Picture yourself on a sun lounger next to the pool. There is no reason to move other than to re-position yourself, maybe propping your feet up on a pouf – as cool as a cucumber.

Imagine walking to the poolside, dipping your foot into the water and then on your return feeling your tactile and weather resistant Robala rug under your feet. Envision your favorite drink, whether it be a coca cola or a cocktail, resting on your ottoman an arms-reach away. With our Veranda Collection, this fantasy could become a reality for you, add some sunblock into the mix and voila! What more could you need this summer?

This post was written by Georgia Croesér

A few of our installation images are below to inspire.

20120308fibredesign_veranda-47 copy


20120308fibredesign_veranda-38 2