WOW – It’s So Big!

Size does matters – especially when it comes to rugs. Correctly proportioned rugs pull together furniture in a room creating warmth and intimacy or it elongates the dimensions of a room to create breathing space.
We just have to share this interesting bit of information published on a rug related blog a time ago:

World's largest carpet
The world’s biggest hand-made carpet is the size of a football field (60 546 square feet). Weavers in Iran used 38 tons of wool and cotton to create the carpet for the Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan mosque in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, named so after the founder of the country.
The carpet is called the Qasr al-Alam (The Palace of the World) and took Ali Khaliqi, an Iranian artist, eight months to design. It was woven by 1,200 women, aged between 15 and 60, over 16 months. They were supervised by 50 men acting as technical experts.