When traditional craft and design is influenced by contemporary ideas, something rather special happens. Fibre Designs offer a collection of innovative hand-woven rugs to choose from. In addition we also offer a bespoke manufacturing facility to meet your specific requirements. Sometimes a space just needs something unique.

Professional consultation, design and bespoke weaving services ensure that your requirements and standards are fully met.

There are hundreds of colours to work with or we can match any colour you provide us with; be it a fabric, a paint swatch, an artwork or even a lipstick. Complicated shapes can be woven to order or, should you so choose, a rug can also be made for wall-to-wall fitting purposes.

Each original piece is hand-woven by our skilled artisans using the finest yarns and dyes. Or you can choose from a variety of hand-woven rugs already available in our collection


Don’t expect any overnight shipping; handmade quality takes time to manufacture.  We deliver to most national and international locations. And, it goes without saying, that the turnaround time and delivery costs will be dependent on each consignment and it’s destination.