Buying South African stimulates and increases demand for locally produced products and services. This translates into the safeguarding of existing employment opportunities, economic growth and the creation of more quality employment openings in our country.

We pride ourselves on local and below are the home-based collections we currently offer.

The Berber Collection

The 100 percent Karoo wool used for our Berber Collection is hand-spun. They reveal their salt and pepper colours under the expert hands that create these luxuriously textured carpets. The footfeel of the weaves are soft and cherishing and the occasional dyed thread blends with the subtle geometric motifs into the rest of this fine carpet. The weaves are reversible and easy to clean either by a gentle hand or a quick once-over with a carpet cleaner.

The Verandah Collection

European design and joyful African colours meet in the Verandah Collection, a stylish yet robust outdoor collection exclusive to Fibre Designs’ Studio. Locally developed yarn is used in the making of these eccentric, hardy products with just a touch of capricious tongue-in-cheekiness.


“We are turning a traditionally fine art and craft practiced by homemakers for millennium into a sturdy, all-weather outdoor product and we are using the intrinsic feel for magic in the hands of our women from our empowerment project in Limpopo Province, to crochet this work,” explains Pierre Antoine, designer and owner Fibre Designs Studio.

The collection consists of hand crocheted rugs and poufs, ottomans and banquettes, pool loungers and bespoke items ordered by exclusive vendors in America, Europe and High Street outlets in London.

The Mohair Collection


Also known as the noble or diamond fibre, mohair is one of the world’s premier natural fibres. It boasts unique qualities including lustre, resilience, durability, is extremely lightweight and also non-flammable.

Pursuing perfection through high breeding standards and meticulous genetic selection for the past two centuries, the South African mohair industry has now grown into a global leader producing of the worlds best mohair. The Angora goats thrive in their local habitat the Karoo, are shorn twice a year and are obviously not harmed during the process.

Mohair continues to appear on the catwalks of the world to the wardrobes and interiors of the discerning.

Indeed, mohair is a sumptuous and noble fibre.