New Collection l The Fantasy Collection


Once upon a time in a land far away, there was a little house, in a small village in the realm of Cambridge. The house had a tiny garden, where a dog liked to lay in the sun. From the outside the house looked quite normal, but inside it was very different, inside it was curious indeed.

The house belonged to two artists who loved to make and fix things, and it is there the Fantasy Collection begins. The Persian cowhide is unlike any cowhide you have ever seen. It’s from a very exotic breed of beast that lives in the fantasy world of designers Young & Battaglia.

Fibre Designs are proud stockist of the Mineheart Fantasy Collection in Cape Town. Please pop into our showroom in De Waterkant, we are officially open for the New Year!


persian cowhide grey


Renaissance Cowhide Rug, Artists: Young & Battaglia, 150cm x 165 cm

Gypsy Cowhide (Purple) Artists: Young & Battaglia, 150cm x165 cm

Blue and Brown Persian Cowhide rug, Artists: Young & Battaglia, 150cm x 165 cm