Textures of our Karoo Berber Flatweaves

Textures are our speciality here at Fibre Designs. So we thought we would share a little texture love on our blog. Our all time favorite being our localy manufactured Karoo Berber Flatweave.

A few Fibre Designs’ facts about our Karoo Berber Flatweaves which we are ceratin you are not in the know:

  • Berber wool comes from the Karoo sheep’s fleece
  • The rugs are hand woven and not woven by machine
  • The rugs are manufactured in the heart of the Karoo
  • Berber Karoo wool is textured and strong
  • Karoo wool is vibrant when dyed
  • Berber rugs are also fire resistant, which makes them ideal for placement near fireplaces
  • The strength of the wool makes them ideal for use in a living room or dining room, where there might be spills.
  • If your rug becomes a little grubby, please don’t fret, our Karoo Berber flatweave rugs can be cleaned and washed at home.
  • They are flatweaves which make them reversible. One side looking a little grubby, simply flip it over.

Remember that, just like us, our furry four-legged friends are gaga over natural fibre. Keep your pets well trained around you Karroo Berber rugs.

If you still can’t decide which neaural colourwau to add to your space, pay us a visit at the Fibre Designs studio and experience the difference first-hand (or foot if you prefer).