Trend Forecasting from Maison & Objet 2012 – PART 2

Continued from Creative Director of WGSN-Homebuildlife Lisa White’s visit to Maison & Objet 2012:


1) Amber and yellow (that’s our yellow sculpted lines on the left)

2) Orange

3) Blue (below is our Verandah Collection Benya on the left in a deep petrol blue)

4) Neon pastels

5) Tinted neutrals

6) Gradient colour

7) Pixels

8) Polka dots (the rug on the left is a piece we made up for a client, perfectly packed with punchy polka dots!)

9) Polygon

10) Pattern fusion

Locally, we also attended Dion Chang’s Flux Trends report-back from Maison & Objet and Paris Designs Week. Here are a few of his highlights that were a little different to Lisa’s:

  • 2012 was seen as the year of chaos – from natural disasters to political upheaval. The need for calm is expressed in themed spaces of clarity and purity.
  • Design takes on an atmospheric theme –influences lie in meteorology showing molecular structures with metallic highlights.
  • Say “yes” to the future – Space age looking forms and formulas.
  • New Naturals – we still have a tight hold onto nature in our technical age. Wood is still ever popular, even in prints.
  • Animal Planet – reclaiming what we are losing. Think in-your-face taxidermy, skeletons in Victorian bell jars and animal trophy heads (thankfully made of cardboard or cheekily out of old stuffed toys).
  • Obsession with being global citizens – World capitals show up in napkins, wall tiles and scents. Maps maps maps!
  • New Tactility – new advances lead to unusual textures – stingray skin implanted into metallic tables and moulded into bowls. Muskin introduced – the skin off the head of a large mushroom! Breathable and water repellent.
  • Brand Service – 70% of consumers are more than willing to spend their money on brands that offer good personal service.
  • Purchase Proudness – make sure that your brand service matches your product and that clients are proud to take your products home and talk about them.
  • Future of Retail – the shop is now a showroom. With online purchasing the shop may not be the end line of purchase.
  • New Purpose of Sales Staff – advise and consult. Staff are selling solutions, not just products.
We hope you found this as informative as we did following the numerous talks and discussions around both events.
Pierre & Tanyth