Trend Forecasting from Maison & Objet 2012 – PART 1

Maison & Objet as well as Paris Design Week have just finished at the end of September. We watched a webinar by Lisa White – Creative Director of WGSN-Homebuildlife. These were her highlights:


1) Outlined and Edged – furniture gets graphic outlines within its borders as well as display sets and ceramics.

2) Faceted and Geometric – items are broken into linear and angled shapes, geometry being the leader. The rug on the left of the image below is a piece we designed and placed in a very happy client’s home.

3) Fluted – from ceramics to furniture and lighting, they all got the natural floral-like flute.

4) Boxed and Displayed – if it’s worthy to be on display then the display is worth getting right, and subsequently becomes a display on its own. Also – items that are regularly on display but may not have been given much aesthetic thought (eg: dustbins) are now being shrouded in elegant and attractive designs. Have a look at our very own Beauty Fires to see how fireplaces are being redesigned to become collector’s items in their own rights.

5) Uplifted Basics – simple crude designs get refined. Wooden crates being made from refined,quality wood but it still has the form of a crate table. On the right you’ll see our rustic hemp neatly hand crocheted into delicate-looking but hard wearing floorware.

6) Neo Nature – synthetic and nature combine to create fun uses and aesthetics.

7) Outdoor Havens – the outdoors is seen as another room and treated accordingly. We’ve been shouting this from the hill tops ever since we bought you our Verandah Collection (pictured below, left).


8) Soft – materials become emotional but unusually so. Reptile skins become cuddly and are seen in the likes of velvet alligator skin (bottom left) and place-mats which look like marble are in fact soft, pliable pieces of perfection.


9) Metallic – a continuation of what we have been seeing but a mix of metallics, often with natural products, takes pride of place here.

10) Show-lights – lights are become the focal point, lots of detail given in scale and colour. Showmanship is rewarded here. Speaking of which, have you SEEN the luminescence of the lighting available at The Modern Home Company? Do yourself a favour and have a look at their incredible designs.

Watch this space to find out more from the webinar on colours and patterns as well as Dion Chang’s Flux Trend Report from the point of retail business.

Happy trending!
Pierre & Tanyth