Mohair vs Berber – Which winter weave wins?

Fireplaces, hot chocolate, mittens, scarves and slippers. While winter is well and truly settling over the southern hemisphere, we’re definitely seeing warmer interiors emerge as people start to cocoon their homes. But before you grab the paint rollers and knock out the lounge wall to install a fireplace, read on and discover a smart way of adding that cosy touch to warm up your winter space.

Choosing the right winter rug can easily transform a space, but with so many fantastic options to choose from, how do you know which rug is right for your family and home?

We have put our two most popular woolly weaves head-to-head to find out which one wins the winter battle, and this is what we found in Mohair versus Berber:

Fibre Designs’ facts about Mohair rugs:

  • Mohair comes from the Agora goat’s fleece
  • Rugs are hand woven
  • These rugs are warmer than wool
  • Mohair rugs are silky to the touch with a lustrous sheen
  • Mohair rugs are naturally fire resistant, so they are ideal for placement near fireplaces
  • Mohair rugs are softer underfoot, which makes them a luxurious addition to any bedroom

Fibre Designs’ facts about Berber rugs:

  • Berber wool comes from the Karoo sheep’s fleece
  • Rugs are hand woven
  • Berber Karoo wool is textured and strong
  • Karoo wool is vibrant when dyed
  • Berber rugs are also fire resistant, which makes them ideal for placement near fireplaces
  • The texture of Berber rugs isn’t as soft as Mohair rugs underfoot and the strength of the wool makes them ideal for use in a living room or dining room, where there might be spills.

Remember that, just like us, our furry four-legged friends are gaga over natural fibre. Keep your pets well trained around Mohair and Berber rugs. And if you change your rugs every season, make sure that they are washed and cleaned. Before going into storage, the rugs must be perfectly dry, treated with an insect repellent and rolled (not folded).

If you still can’t decide which winter rug to add to your space, pay us a visit at the Fibre Designs studio and experience the difference first-hand (or foot if you prefer).