Fibre Designs visits Paris and London Design Festivals

A personal trip to Paris and London turned out to be a design feast of note – Paris Design Week as well as London Design Festival happened to fall during my planned weeks of exploring these two beautiful cities.

First on the agenda was Paris.

I reveled in  the unique concept store that Citroen had to offer on the Champs Elysees. The incredible 6 platforms carry different models of Citroens while the red illuminated stairs upon entrance lead visitors down to a 4D cinema for virtual adventures inside one of their creations. The faceted entrance does not mislead the structural genius of the interior where brand and architecture seamlessly unite – definitely worth a visit, car fundi or not.

Rue de Raspail was a treasure chest of style and design. La Lumiere partnered with Foscarini to showcase innovative lighting solutions that could have definitely made their way home with me had I the space or wallet.

Another fascinating find was the Sentou store at 26 Boulevard Raspail. Showcasing a range of designers from across the world, their bright and quirky designs were right up my alley. I even found Shine-Shine fabric there!

Further along the street I fell into the Alessi store – a definitve one-stop shop for anyone looking for the unusual in homeware. My best pick was their sushi crockery.

Edifice housed the favourites of yesteryear with a few giants leasing the biggest attractions from their store window. I personally fell for these circular hanging screens and a very unusual lamp dedicated to the heart as a muscle and an effigy.

Unfortunately due to time constraints and  a lack of presence from the Design Week itself I couldn’t see much more than this. The city herself made up for this though and the rest of the time spent in and around her old streets and buildings was nothing short of magical.

Off I went to London where I had read so much about the Design Festival and its offerings – and it didn’t fail to provide pure indulgence. A complete synopsis of my time there would lead to a short novel I am sure so as to summarise I thought I would share my top 10 finds of Tent London:

1) Paper Plane Shelving – by Latorre Cruz (








2)  iPod Docking Station – by Groupovibra (












3) 3d Printing – by Shapeways (









4) Patrick Laing Studios – (














5) Amate – (






6) Bloq Furniture (












7) Flatframe Systems – Fine Furniture on Wheels (











8) Pillhead Table and Floor Lamp (











9) Playshapes (











Bibliochaise Luna – by Nobody&Co. (











Choosing my favourite was no easy task and if I had my way I would have shown my top 50 – but with a few more design festivals lined up in the Fibre Designs calendar, I can assure you that there will be plenty more to repot back on soon. Watch this space…