Colour your world

Choosing the right colour for your Fibre Designs bespoke hand-woven rug plays a vital part in creating the specific mood that you’ve chosen to live with. It evokes emotion and stimulates the senses.

To help you choose your colour consult our ARS Wool Colour System or alternatively the Pantone Colour Reference System. You will be able to write down the relevant colour code to easily refer to the colour you have chosen for your rug.

Click here to access the ARS Wool Colour System.

Click here to access the Pantome Colour Reference System.

Use this guide to assist your colour selection and specification process. This chart is a reference guide only. The  colours on computer screens may vary slightly based on the graphics card and monitor used in your system. For true accuracy, it’s ideal to use the Pantone Colour Publication or ARS Wool Colour System.