Li Edelkoort inspires Cape Town

International trend researcher Li Edelkoort recently visited Cape Town during which she addressed delegates of the Design Indaba Conference and Exhibition. The Dutch-born Edelkoort is a consultant to many brands from around the world, amongst others Philips Electronics, Nissan, Virgin and Estée Lauder.

She was also named one of the world’s “25 Most Influential People in Fashion” by Time magazine.

We decided to match up some of our lovely rugs with what Edelkoort has identified as the trends for Summer 2010.

“evanescent elegance – dressing in clouds”

One can disappear amongst the millions of soft and luxurious yarns of this metallic super waves rug.

“tachistic energy – dressing in stains”

This vibrant hemp bast fibre rug has a worn-out look with a touch or red energy.

“watercoloured florals – basics as botanicals”

Although not a strictly floral design, this Wool Tight Loop rug looks like a vast green field.