Pierre patches up the poor man’s rug

Pierre has yet again managed to introduced an exciting collection of modern kilims (or flatweaves) to the already comprehensive range at the studio. Our new patchwork kilims, made from the finest New Zealand wool, are available as plain as well as opulent French jacquard inspired rugs.

Patchwork kilims are usually put together by using left over pieces of various kilims. The weavers would often keep these kilims for themselves. Pierre has used this as inspiration to create a range of patchwork kilims that will live comfortably within the contemporary home.

Background on kilims:

Long before kilims became decorative items in modern homes, they were used by tribal communities who created them for practical purposes such as floor coverings, hangings to protect from inclement weather or for storage of grains and other daily essentials. Lightweight and easy to transport, the kilim was an ideal and essential part of the nomads’ lives.

Known as “the poor man’s rug”, kilims are a lot more affordable than traditional pile rugs, due to the amount of wool used in the construction of the rug. The design of a kilim is made by interweaving the coloured wefts and war.