Pierre invited to Domotex

Pierre Antoine, owner and creative force behind Fibre Designs Carpet Gallery in De Waterkant, Cape Town, is the first South African to be invited to design and present a contemporary floorware range at the annual Domotex Trade Fair.

Antoine will present a range of eight, high-density woven rugs, all inspired by nature. “These are all Western-friendly, Oriental-inspired designs,” says Antoine. “I combine luxurious and intricate silk yarn with wool to give a natural yet comfortable feel to the range.”

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Design your own carpet

Whether you have just built a house, revamped a room or just need to replace an old carpet, a Fibre Designs rug will be a valuable addition to your home or office.

The gallery offers a variety of textures, colours and yarns to choose from. However, choosing or designing a rug need not be a difficult task. Here are some tips to consider and questions to ask yourself before purchasing or designing your rug.

Where would you like to place the item?
What is the purpose of the room? Is it a bedroom, dining room or office? Knowing this will guide you as to what function the various furniture and also your rug needs to perform. For many a bedroom needs to be a place of tranquility, luxury and comfort. And that is precisely what your rug needs to provide you with.

What is the size of the room?
Always make sure that your rug is in proportion with the room. A carpet that is too small will be lost amongst the furniture. A carpet that is too big will overpower all the other furniture and take away from the detail of some beautiful pieces in the room.

If you are planning on dividing a big room into smaller sections or focus points, then using a few rugs of different sizes and textures might help create various sections within the one room.

Darker carpets tend to absorb more light and in effect make a big room look smaller. Lighter carpets on the other hand can help make a small room bigger than what it is.

What shape would you like the rug to be?
Not all rugs have to be rectangular in shape. Is there a specific shape that features within the room? Pick up on this and incorporate it into the rug’s shape.

Gallery upgrade

We’re presently operating in circumstances that can only be compared to a full blown war zone. The buildings opposite our gallery are presently being demolished for the New Cape Quarter development.

So, we’ve decided to add to the mayhem by renovating and upgrading our own gallery space into a boutique contemporary rug showroom. Sleek and comfortable for viewing of our new collections which are soon to be released.

Meanwhile, omnipresent chaos reigns.

Design challenges

70’s design is known to be bold and relatively difficult to translate (in an elegant manner) into large scale floorware. The challenge we’ve recently faced addressed exactly that. A home that boasts many fine vintage pieces and we’re weave up a 450x600cm rug that complements the general theme.

Our final decision, after exploring all possible avenues of authentic designs, motifs and constructions was a white art-silk shaggy rug. With an opulent pile length of 100mm. The image of the rug in situ will be posted as soon as our installation is done (approximately 2 months from now). I can’t wait to see it on the floor.